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Looking for mAadhaar?

After a lot of buzzes, the unique identification authority of India has launched its own app today. In the last couple of months due to various Government circulations, AADHAAR card has been one of the mandatory documents that have to be submitted to maintain clear bank record and to get all the subsidies like LPG and rations.

More than 30% population has been registered under UDID scheme till now, and a big chunk of the population is still out of the touch of Government social schemes and services. To get a big leap on this, Central Government has opened the online services for AADHAAR also.

For “SU-RAJ” our Government has taken various initiatives where any citizen of India can register complaint or suggestions. Starting from the digitization of every service to maintain a clear public record of every Government scheme and service that has been being carried out. Newly launched mAdhaar is the latest inclusion in this.

Features of the mAadhaar app- Convenient and useful

A first let me clear you one thing- this app is available only for Android users currently. iOS app is in the pipe though there is no indication when the iOS app will be launched or even that will have any future or not.

Using the mAadhar app, you can check your own aadhaar card and can even change the details like current address and registered mobile number within a minute. Without any expert’s knowledge, you can do it easily. The most applauding point is that the interface is easy to go with and a novice can do everything with a minimum knowledge of smartphone operation.

On the Google Play Store the official AADHAAR app is available and what you need to worry about is Play Store is full of some other fake AADHAAR or UDID apps.

Let’s come into the functionality section- what we can do with mAadhaar app

A number of things you can do with this app now. Here is the list of the ample functionalities of this tremendous useful app.

Once you have downloaded the app, it’s essential to get yourself registered there. You need to have the registered mobile number for that purpose.

Type your 16 digit AADHAAR number once the app is launched and you will receive an SMS on the registered mobile no, provide that without any error.

Launch the app and confirm your identification. Now you can carry your aadhaar card in your mobile, and anytime you can furnish that wherever it’s required.

Alternative way to launch the app- Through the QR code

Once you have launched the app instead of providing the 16 digit aadhaar code, scan the QR code and then provide the OTP to verify your identity as well.

The fallback- It’s still in a beta version

The one and only slap on mAadhaar app is that it’s full of bugs, and there is nothing wrong with it as it’s still in the beta version. Hopefully, within a few months, the bug-free version of mAadhaar will be launched to the public though you can still access your personal data and all the details in one tap with mAadhar.

Download mAadhaar app Apk

Here is the apk file of mAadhaar app that you have been looking to download on your Android phone. Go ahead, download and install it on your phone right now.

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