How To Edit Aadhar Card Details!!

If you want to change any details of your AADHAAR or if there is any mistake you should change that immediately otherwise problem may arise while you submit your AADHAAR card as your identity proof. That’s why it’s important to rectify the mistakes if any.

Why do you need to change your AADHAAR details?

  • Spelling mistake in your name.
  • Improper address.
  • Wrong date of birth.
  • Even if the image isn’t clear, you can approach the authority too.
  • If you have moved to a new address then also you can change the address simply by going to the enrolment centers. Locate the nearest enrolment center.

Update your AADHAAR details via post

If there is no AADHAAR center near you or if you are too busy to find one near you then you can post the details because you can update your AADHAAR details through post also! Just download the form and fill it up properly. That’s all. Now the last step what you need to do is simple- post the form along with the documents attached (see the page no 2 for reference). You are done!!

Once you have submitted all the details, you will receive an SMS and there a tracking ID will be mentioned by which you can check your AADHAAR status online from this portal easily.

Link AADHAAR with Bank Account

Nowadays to avail the subsidies from Government we must link our AADHAAR with our bank account because in order to move towards cashless economy Government has decided to end the cash benefits and will directly pay the amount of subsidy into the bank accounts of the card holders.

But why the linking of AADHAAR card is too important? Because AADHAAR card duplication is truly impossible and it ensures that the person is a legitimate customer. (According to a report there are more than 4 million ghost customers who are getting subsidies from the domestic gas sector only). You can add your bank account online using this online window.

How to retrieve your lost AADHAAR card

If you have lost your AADHAAR card and forget the numbers also, you are in big trouble because without the AADHAAR numbers you can’t move for availing the subsidies and everything else. There is an option you can avail where you can retrieve your AADHAAR card from easily. Just go to this page and follow the following steps one by one-

  • Fill the details asked on the page.
  • Make sure that the registered mobile number is near your hand.
  • Once you have filled the details and proceed, you will receive an OTP.
  • Just provide the OTP and proceed easily.
  • You can proceed by providing the enrolment number (Find the slip you have received while applying for AADHAAR, you will find the enrolment number there) also.

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