Aadhar Card Download | Check e Adhar Card Status Online

Aadhar card has taken an essential part in everyone’s life in India recently. It’s not only a proof of identity but also a tool for availing various kinds of Government approved subsidies. This identification card is embedded with some modern technologies like fingerprints and iris scan.

The 12 digit code does not only represent the address proof and identity but also a record of persons enrolled in it. Every ADHAR is unique and there is no chance of duplication! Probably that’s why availing Government subsidies having AADHAAR is a must.

Aadhar Card- Know Some Key Points about Adhar

  • One Aadhar card number can be allotted for a person. There is no group system or scheme.
  • Identification of an AADHAAR card can be done through online portal anytime, anywhere.
  • Individuals should approach the established Aadhar center to get the card done.
  • If a child under 5 years is registered, it’s a must to renew the Aadhar card when the age of the child crosses 5 years.

How to Find E Aadhar Card by Name

Generating an e AADHAAR card is not a tough nut to crack. There is no complication. Once you have received your e aadhar No through  SMS on your registered phone number you are ready to get the e adhar using your PC.

Note: e-AADHAAR is acceptable everywhere and doesn’t create any complications while submitting to various organizations for availing different schemes or for identification purpose.

How to avail your e ADHAAR online?

It’s very easy. Just follow the steps serially and you will be done!

The first and foremost step- Confirm your AADHAAR no from the SMS. It’s advisable to write the number on any paper. It will eliminate the chance of having error.

  • Then go to the e ADHAAR section of the site, by clicking here, you can land there easily.
  • After that, keep filling the details like AADHAAR No, Full Name, PIN code etc.
  • Don’t mess with the “Security Captcha”. Write the captcha carefully and click on the option of “get one-time password”.
  • A one-time password will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Then, put the OTP (One time password) in the blank field right after the “ENTER OTP” field.
  • The last thing is to click on the “validate and download”.
  • That’s all, you done! A PDF version of the AADHAAR will appear and you need to download that.
  • For opening, it will ask a password. Put the “PIN CODE” (Postal ZIP Code) of your area or locality. BRAVOOO.. You are done!

Check Aadhar Status Online

Checking AADHAAR status online is a very simple task. It takes hardly 5 minutes to check the status online if you have good data connectivity.

Go through the points mentioned below and find the status of your AADHAAR without any problem. If you face any issue, don’t forget to inform us. You will help you to solve the issue anytime.

Click here for landing on the desired page.

  • You have your enrollment number and date and time of enrollment on the receipt that you have obtained from the enrollment center.
  • Put the details on the fields and be cautious while entering the security codes and then click on the “CHECK STATUS” button below.
  • That’s all, within a few seconds; a page with details of the status of your AADHAAR associated with the enrollment ID will be displayed.

Locate AADHAAR Centre in your locality

If you have not registered for an AADHAAR till now, do it without any delay. You need carry the below-mentioned documents at least-

  • Passport
  • Election ID card
  • Ration Card
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Bank Account Statement etc

You must have the proof of identification with you. No, the question comes how to locate the AADHAAR center nearby?

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Click here and fill the details like STATE, DISTRICT, and LOCALITY where you live.

  • Then click on the SEARCH button, the very next page will come up with a list of centers with the contact details of the concerned persons in those centers.
  • Always have a phone call with the person concerned before going there.

AADHAAR No on Mobile

In case you have deleted the message of confirmation of AADHAAR number accidently. Don’t worry, you can retrieve it. Click here and fill the asked details like ENROLLMENT NO, DATE & TIME and the MOBILE no (10 digits), fill the CAPTCHA and press get OTP, that’s all.

Once you get the OTP, you need to fill the OTP in the box appeared after clicking and confirm your mobile number so that the confirmation message along with your AADHAAR no can be sent again.

Verify AADHAAR Online

Verifying AADHAAR online is simple and anyone can do that using the enrollment no alone. For that, you need to go here and fill the box of “AADHAAR No” and verify the captcha and that’s all! You are done!

A page will come up with the details of NAME, DOB, and ADDRESS of the person.

It’s very easy. Isn’t it? Try and let us know for sure.  

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